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Bastille Day in Brooklyn, NY

Jul 25, 2010 in Photography

RicardCoverage3D created a campaign for Ricard USA (a brand of Pernod Ricard, which also owns and distributes Absolut Vodka) around their biggest sponsored event, the Bastille Day Petanque Tournament, organized in the streets of Brooklyn.  We created and distributed a 3D interactive mini-app, a video overview, a series of short interviews with attendees and exhibitors, and a photo gallery.


Jul 25, 2010 in Photography

Jazz Lawn PartyMichael Arenella & His Dreamland Orchestra on Governors Island. By creating a 3D rendering of the Governors Island’s Jazz Age Lawn Party, Coverage3D revived the Roaring 20’s for visitors to the site, inviting them to surf through crowds of flappers and others dressed in the fashion of the day. To capture the true feel of the era, we collaborated with a connoisseur of this period, documentary filmmaker Andrew Yamato.

LE BOOK Festival Week 2010

Jun 22, 2010 in Photography

Le BookLE BOOK came to Coverage3D to ask us to capture and create an evocative rendering of the LE BOOK Festival Week Connections/Productions. We built a 3D on-line interactive mini-site, filmed a video overview and a series of short interviews of attendees and exhibitors.

The Trader’s Ball by Fred Forest

Jun 11, 2010 in Photography

Traders BallNew media artist Fred Forest asked Coverage3D to create a mini-site to compliment his installation at The LAB NY. With his trademark over-the-top irony, Forest launched a project called “The Traders’ Ball,” sharing his point of view on the financial crisis. We rendered a metaphorical Wall Street in 3D, along with interviews of attendees in front of The LAB gallery.

Festival de Fotografia Paraty Em Foco, Brazil

Jan 17, 2009 in Misc Events, Photography

Coverage3D was invited to one of the leading international photography festivals in Brazil. Our team covered the 5 day festival which showcased a unique blend of both amateur and professional photography. Interviews with critics, curators, editors and photographers were held while thoughts, ideas and experiences about contemporary photography were exchanged.

We’ve created this site based on information and images amassed during the festival, so as to transport you, the viewer, to the location. The project was directed by Martin Lenclos, and was co-produced by Paraty Em’ Foco, Marinho Com Ltd and BOX Creative LLC. Special thanks to all the attendees, speakers and organisers of the event who agreed to be photographed and interviewed.

Interviewed and placed in the 3d environment: Silas De Paula, Ana Carolina Krusehewsky, Luciana Cattani, Luiz Lima, Simonetta Persichetti, Juan Esteves, Machiel Botman, Marie Hippenmeyer, Fancesco Cito, Bruce Gilden, Claudio Edinger, Jay Colton, Patricia Arico, Marcelo Grego, Tung Gerson, Izan Petterle, Duda Escobar, Luciele Marques, Cesar Andrade, Bernardes Herculano, Jean Lopes, Marcello Oliveira, Daniel De Cerqueira, Paula Cinquetti, Pierre Devin, Orlando Azevedo, Flavio Colker, Rosa Gauditano, Evandro Teixeira, Christian Maldonado, Marcio Scavone, Gustavo Pellizzon, Nair Benedicto, Vilma Slomp, Ralph Gibson, and Virginia Talita.

New York Photo Festival (NYPH)

May 15, 2008 in Misc Events, Photography

Experience NYPH covered in 3D!
The New York Photo Festival is the first international photography festival in the United States. Coverage3D interviewed the attendees to hear what they thought and said about each show and the future of contemporary photography itself. The website presents the interviews in a virtual environment comprised of actual photos taken of the festival area in Brooklyn, NY. Imagine a fictional street in D.U.M.B.O. joining the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, a mix of environment with the pavilions curated by Martin Parr and Kathy Ryan, and a few of the satellites pavilions Galapagos art space, the tobacco warehouse… Like a movie set, the website transports the visitor into the festival experience offering him/her to meet with the curators, the photographers and the attendees. With curators like Tim Barber and internationally celebrated photographers walking the street and photo/video-reportage of amateurs parties, visitors will be able to stand within New York and alongside some of the biggest names in contemporary photography.

Produced and directed by Martin Lenclos. Special thanks to our team of hardworking volunteers; without them it wouldn’t have been possible to create the 3d coverage of the NYPH. Thanks to all the attendees, exhibitors and curators of the festival who agreed to be photographed and interviewed.

We interviewed and placed in the 3d environment: Tim Barber, Lesley A Martin, Greg Gorman, Chris Murphy, Lars Tunbjork, Jana Flototto, Claire Rosen, Tony Cairns, Gary Langsford, David Howell, Arno Haijtema, Markus Schaden, Sander Griek, Hann Rob, Angela Howard, Orliz Daniel, Everita Upeniece, Vaivode Iveta, Kate and Julie Parker, Natalie Czech, Terrence Jennings, Rene de Carufel, Zena Koo and Olivia Wyatt, Martin Parr, Janet Borden, Laura Brunow Miner, Mark Lubell, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Wendy Watriss, Fred Baldwin, Shawn Brackbill, Luis Barajas and Don Barton, Hank Thomas and Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Nora Albertini, Tarik Malak, Barry Calhoun, Shawn Lynch, Michelle Park, Amy Steigbigel, Nancy Jo Iacoi, Elodie Mailliet, Christina Cahill, Meriah Schultz, Giuki Cael, Joannie Lafreniere, Rene De Carufel, Doug Schnieder, Jeffrey Lau, Theo Morrison, Ronit Novak, Eric Kessel and Nina Poppe, Marla Ulrich, Joe Weitzel, Sandra Goolsby, Snorri Sturluson, Leon Klayman, Kurt Wilberding, Rachel Gil, Matt Vacca, Orna Gil, Jens Knudsen, Susan Chen, Fernando Bonilla, Dorius Himo, Hannah Newburn, Gerhard Joren, Horacio Salinas, Faye Leshner, Lisa Leshner, and Gerald Forster.