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Festival de Fotografia Paraty Em Foco, Brazil

Jan 17, 2009 in Misc Events, Photography

Coverage3D was invited to one of the leading international photography festivals in Brazil. Our team covered the 5 day festival which showcased a unique blend of both amateur and professional photography. Interviews with critics, curators, editors and photographers were held while thoughts, ideas and experiences about contemporary photography were exchanged.

We’ve created this site based on information and images amassed during the festival, so as to transport you, the viewer, to the location. The project was directed by Martin Lenclos, and was co-produced by Paraty Em’ Foco, Marinho Com Ltd and BOX Creative LLC. Special thanks to all the attendees, speakers and organisers of the event who agreed to be photographed and interviewed.

Interviewed and placed in the 3d environment: Silas De Paula, Ana Carolina Krusehewsky, Luciana Cattani, Luiz Lima, Simonetta Persichetti, Juan Esteves, Machiel Botman, Marie Hippenmeyer, Fancesco Cito, Bruce Gilden, Claudio Edinger, Jay Colton, Patricia Arico, Marcelo Grego, Tung Gerson, Izan Petterle, Duda Escobar, Luciele Marques, Cesar Andrade, Bernardes Herculano, Jean Lopes, Marcello Oliveira, Daniel De Cerqueira, Paula Cinquetti, Pierre Devin, Orlando Azevedo, Flavio Colker, Rosa Gauditano, Evandro Teixeira, Christian Maldonado, Marcio Scavone, Gustavo Pellizzon, Nair Benedicto, Vilma Slomp, Ralph Gibson, and Virginia Talita.